The Importance of Dental Technology

Iqaluit Dental Clinic image of an X-Ray of teeth
May 25, 2022 0 Comments

Many people perished in the Covid-19 pandemic, and others would have followed if it were not for the quick intervention of modern medical technology. The importance of dental technology is similar and is now more important than ever. We at Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggest that you make sure the dentist you are visiting is equipped with modern instruments before getting treatment.

Why is modern dental technology important?

Modern dental technology grants access to better equipment that helps dentists treat problems with greater success and increased efficiency. Here are a few reasons that explain why dental technology is important.

1. Increased efficiency in treating problems – Technology increases efficiency both in terms of testing and treating actual problems. For instance, let’s assume that you are experiencing oral problems in a region where the dentist cannot see clearly. A technician can easily use an intraoral camera to take photos and send them to the dentist almost immediately for assessment.

Moreover, images and other reports can be stored on a computer and can be looked up instantly. Long gone are the days when you had to go through stacks of physical folders, only hoping to stumble upon the file in question. Simply type the name and the entire patient history is at your fingertips. The efficiency introduced by technology is incomparable.

2. Better tools make for in-depth analysis of oral problems – Better and more advanced technology makes it easier to catch oral issues before they develop into more severe problems.

A LUM Transillumination tool enables dentists to hunt down cavities more effectively. They can find one that is not even visible to the naked eye and treat it before it gets any worse. Similarly, an XTG Handheld X-Ray machine greatly reduces the radiation patients are exposed to during the process.

3. Faster diagnosis and treatment options – With every advancement in technology, the world is gradually speeding up as well. If you are visiting your dentist, you will want the appointment to be over as quickly as possible. However, you would not want the dentist to leave any stone unturned when it comes to diagnosing your mouth.

Modern technology enables the dental surgeon to treat you quickly. If you were to visit a new dentist, much like any patient, you would also expect them to have the latest technology. You are more likely to visit and recommend a clinic that not only packs the latest devices but offers quick and efficient service.

4. Create better options for personal dental care – Technology is not only meant to benefit healthcare professionals. Normal people also have access to better tools that help them take better care of their teeth.

For instance, you must have seen electric toothbrushes. These brushes wear out faster but are more efficient at cleaning your teeth. They are an even better option for children who have not developed the proper hand movements to brush their teeth.

You simply cannot imitate the speed and accuracy of an electric toothbrush, making them more efficient at getting rid of food particles.

5. Augmented reality to help train the next generation of dentists – Augmented reality is being used in every industry to train students. Professors can create virtual models that students can interact with. This gives the learners the ability to practice complicated procedures that are otherwise not always possible.

6. Creating custom dentures has become far quicker – Creating dentures that fit your mouth perfectly has become easier than ever. The new process is made possible by computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). In the process, dental technicians use material discs to fabricate new prosthetics that are more accurate than ever.

They can create a complete pair of dentures in just a few steps, making the process far more efficient and saving you multiple visits to the office.

7. Race to develop better technology with increased efficiency – Technology is a never-ending race of testing and development. Clinics with the most advanced technology attract customers. This encourages other dental clinics to obtain the same device or something better to get more patients.

The never-ending race towards better technology elevates the overall level of dental healthcare. This ensures you receive the best treatment possible, while also pushing the industry to strive toward better options.

Implementation of modern dental technology

Dental technology has come a long way since the early days. Dental clinics now have better devices and more efficient ways to treat oral issues. Here are a few examples of modern dental treatment devices:

  • Intraoral cameras – It’s difficult to manoeuvre inside the mouth, and even more difficult to take pictures. Intraoral cameras are the size of a pellet and can be easily inserted inside the mouth. Dentists use cameras to look inside the mouth and even take images if needed.
  • Digital photographs – Dentists cannot treat something that they can’t see. High-quality digital photographs help surgeons locate cavities or plaques that would be invisible to the naked eye. Dentists also use these photographs to track subtle changes in the oral structure. X-rays are not always efficient at keeping track of subtle changes, but photographs are.
  • Digital x-rays – The radiation from X-ray machines may be harmless in low quantities, but it can be dangerous if you are exposed to it too often. Low-radiation x-rays are quickly becoming the go-to option for most dental clinics and will soon become standard equipment in the future of dental healthcare.
  • Dental lasers – Laser treatment is quite efficient at getting rid of plaque buildup. It can also be used to shave gum tissue to help reshape the contours for a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Air abrasion – It’s a non-mechanical technique that implements kinetic energy to remove decayed tooth structures. It’s also used to prepare teeth for fillings. It’s a minimally invasive method that conserves natural tooth structure and prevents enamel micro-fractures during complicated procedures.


There are no limits to what dental technology can do, as it is constantly evolving. As time goes by, new patient care needs will gradually be discovered, inevitably pushing dentists and dental health care providers to come up with more treatment options. So, before visiting your dentist, we at Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggest that you check if they offer the most technologically advanced dental care available in the medical field.